Marine cabbage salad and carrots in Korean.

Marine cabbage salad and carrots in Korean.

• Cabbage with garlic — 0.5 kg
• Carrots in Korean — 0.5 kg
• Green canned peas — 250 grams,
• Canned corn — 3 tablespoons,
• red bell pepper, olives, dill — to decorate
• Garlic — 2 cloves
• Vinegar 9% — 1.5 Art. l.
• Olive oil — 3 tbsp. l.
• Paprika — 0.5 hours. L.
• Onions — 1/4 pcs.

1. To prepare the salad should be done first carrot. Clean, wash and grate the carrots do not grater. Chop carrots can in a blender. Place the chopped vegetables in a bowl.

2.Chesnok clean and crush using a press or grater. Mix it with carrots. Season vegetable vinegar mixture and mix. It experiments and add apple cider vinegar, instead of the usual.

3.Skovorodu with thick walls set over high heat, pour olive oil and give him a good froth. In a frying pan Stir in paprika, reduce heat, and simmer for 60 seconds it into oil.

Because of the red pepper oil acquires a pleasant aroma and paprika lose sharpness.

4.Repchaty onions clean, wash, cut into small cubes and simmer in a pan for a few minutes until golden brown.

Olive oil strain to get rid of onion. It can badly affect the taste of carrots and spoil them.

Oil send to the carrots, mix, cover and let it the whole day brew.

5.Spustya 24 hours can start to salads.

If the seaweed is ready, or even with the addition of this well. Otherwise it should be well washed several times and allow to drain water.

6.Perelozhite cabbage in a bowl. Add it finished Korean carrot. Green peas and corn lay on a sieve, drain them when a juice, pour the ingredients in the

salad. Mix well all the products.

7.Perets sweet wash and cut into arbitrary pieces. Olives pat dry, if there is a bone — remove them.

Wash and chop the dill sprigs. Decorate the finished salad slices of bell pepper, olives and fennel.

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