Marble painted eggs

Looking for interesting ideas for Easter? Then offer you marble colored eggs, which will be able to amaze your relatives and guests.

Marble painted eggs are a good choice to vary the monotonous and sometimes boring-colored eggs.





Number of servings: 3.

Egg — 3 Pieces.
Food dye — 3 Pieces (assorted colors).
Vinegar — 5-6 tbsp

Method of preparation:
1. The recipe for marble dyed eggs is quite simple. First we need to put eggs in cold water, bring to the boil and cook for about 10 minutes.

2. Ready egg, pour in cold water to cool and well. You can then proceed to the next stage. Carefully hold the egg on the table (or other hard surface), pressing the top with the force. Thus should appear cracks in the shell. Not worth much to beat the egg so that the shell does not start to fall away.

3. Each egg is placed in a separate plastic bag. Add one tablespoon of liquid food coloring. Well to dip the egg in the dye and leave for 15-20 minutes in the package.

4. Then remove the eggs from the package and wash under running water. To color well kept, to sprinkle the eggs of ordinary vinegar. You can then put them on paper towels and let dry well.

5. After a time, you can begin the final stage is to clean the eggs, but the bright and colorful they would be without it. That’s all marble colored eggs in the home, you can bring to the table.

Bon appetit!

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