Manna with apples and plums

Manna with apples and plums.

манник с яблок и сливами

You will need:
-1 St. yogurt (kefir, yogurt, etc.)
St.sahara -1 (possible)
-1 St. semolina
-1 St.muki
-3 eggs
-paketik baking powder
-150 Grams of margarine or butter (I put 100 g of butter and 50 ml of sunflower)
-1 Big apple
-10 Plums.

Cooking method:

Eggs, salt, sugar and vanilla stir until sugar is dissolved
Then add semolina, yogurt, sunflower oil and melted butter. Stir well and leave to swell monkey somewhere in the 30-45 min.
Then add a disintegrant (substitute soda, 0.5 tsp), and sieved flour.
The form of grease and sprinkle with flour (better pave parchment).
Top manna dent in slices of apples and plums pieces. Lightly sprinkle with sugar.
We send our manna in a preheated 190 degree oven somewhere for 45 minutes (until golden brown).
Willingness to check the splinter.

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