Manchego (cheese)

Manchego (cheese)


This Spanish cheese from sheep’s milk Manchego breed, aged between 6 – 18 months. The texture of the cheese is firm, dry, close to the crust and greasy plastic that gives the sense of taste oiliness. The color of the cheese varies between white and ivory. Taste of cheese can be a little spicy, salty, or with a touch of nuts and caramel.

Sliced manchego cheese is produced in the form of slices; marinated with spices in olive oil; in the form of cylindrical heads encrusted brownish Presspgraphic as braids. Fresh manchego cheese has a consistency of cottage cheese called queso-manchego fresco. More cheese, aged for 3 -. 6 months, and has a sweet nutty flavor, called manchego curado. Variety of cheese, seasoned by a year or more, slightly peppery taste, called manchego viejo.

manchego cheese used in cooking Spanish dishes such as quesadillas, served alone or as a snack.

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