Let’s talk about oranges

Let’s talk about oranges

Every year in Amsterdam celebrated holiday – Day of Orange. During the celebration of all the fun and participate in fairs and eating citrus. At this festival artists present their orange and lemon sculpture. And we can also join the celebration – Apelsinka eat!

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It is believed that the birthplace of oranges is considered Southeast Asia, but there are doubts. In Europe it was brought the Portuguese in 1548.
Residents of France, Italy, the Netherlands built a greenhouse (special glass enclosed room). In the XVI century there were orange groves in Central and South America.
In Russia, the first orange greenhouses appeared in 1714.
Orange – the supplier of Inositol (Vitamin B8), which regulates the metabolism of fat in the body, lowers blood cholesterol levels, reduces vascular spasm, normalizes intestinal peristalsis and promotes the excretion of toxins. It also contains potassium, calcium, citric acid, ascorbic acid, carotene, cellulose, pectin, phosphorus compounds. And in the peel of an orange contains a large number of essential oils from the peel and may be useful to prepare a tincture.

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There are more than a hundred varieties of oranges. We will consider with you a few of them.

Best Sukhumi. Fruits are slightly oval or rounded, medium size and a weight of about 180 g orange rind, a thickness of about 3 mm, which is easily separated from the pulp. The flesh is yellow color, aromatic and pleasant sweet-sour taste. The fruit ripens in mid to late December.


Washington Nevil. The fruits ripen in late November – early December. Excellent withstand transportation. Can be stored up to 7 months. Shape rounded, oval or slightly narrowed to the base. fruit can weigh up to 480 grams. Peel yellow-orange or orange-red color, up to 6 mm thick. Flesh color orange. The taste is pleasant sweet-sour. Most often, the seeds in the fruit does not happen.


Wren. Weight of the fruit from 100 to 150 g Form korotkogrushevidnaya or round. The skin is reddish or dark orange, rough, up to 8 mm thick. Flesh is dark red. The seeds in the fruit is from 2 to 9 pieces. It has the taste of sweet and sour. It ripens in mid-December, well withstand transportation.

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Valencia. Orange peel is thin, bright orange, sometimes the red specks. The flesh is bright orange, too, and can also include red blotches. It has a sweet taste.

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From oranges can be cooked candied fruits, jams, jellies, cakes, desserts, jams and beverages. And now on this note, we turn to the preparation of dishes with oranges. And the first thing we have a dish …

Orange Soup (6 servings)

Orange Soup


5 oranges
1 kg of carrots
250 ml cream
1.5 liters of vegetable broth (chicken or beef)
ginger root (5cm)
2 cloves garlic
½ tsp pepper mixture of different spices
a sprig of thyme, rosemary
salt to taste

Clear carrots, wash and cut into slices. Clove of garlic peeled and cut plates. Chili peppers cut in half lengthwise, remove the seeds from it, cut the flesh into small pieces.

Next ginger root peel and grate on a medium grater. Wash the oranges, cut in half. With one orange remove chips (not touching the white layer). Squeeze juice from oranges. Then put in a pot of carrots, ginger, garlic and orange peel. Pour the broth as to have it all covered.

For 5 minutes until cooked carrots to put in a tea strainer chili pepper, a mixture of different spices and put it in the pan. Add a pinch of salt. When the carrot is soft to remove the mixture of spices and then cool the soup on a cold water bath.

Cooled soup mix with orange juice in a blender. Pour the cream into the soup, stir and heat until boiling. Post a soup on the table can be both cold and hot, with grilled slices of bacon, shrimp, or whipped cream. Bon Appetit!

The next dish we truly original and exotic.

Salmon with orange marmalade

Salmon with orange marmalade


500 grams of salmon
2 tablespoons orange jam
2 tablespoons mustard
2 tablespoons soy sauce
sesame seeds (to taste)
From orange to squeeze the juice, mix it with orange marmalade, soy sauce and mustard. Salmon cut into portions pieces and put them in shape for baking. Pour prepared sauce and leave to marinate for 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 180 degrees, place the fish in it, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Bake for about 20 minutes. Enjoy all the meal!

with orange sauce Cheese

with orange sauce Cheese


Camembert cheese packaging
40 g flour
3 tablespoons breadcrumbs
1 tablespoon 40% cream
glass of fresh orange juice
1 tablespoon orange peel
3 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons cane sugar
a pinch of salt
olive oil
Sauce: Mix in a small saucepan orange juice, zest, butter, sugar and salt. Put on the stove and bring to a boil (until thick). Filter the sauce through a sieve. Give a little to cool.

With cheese gently scrape off the white coating. Beat the egg lightly with cream. Next, roll the cheese first with flour, then dip in egg mixture, then roll in the breadcrumbs. Fry the cheese in olive oil on both sides until golden brown. Drizzle with sauce and serve. Enjoy your tasting!

A word of advice: orange sauce is suitable and pancakes.

It’s time to cook fragrant orange cake.

Orange cake with almonds

Orange cake with almonds


70 g butter
Sugar 200 g
310 g wheat flour
¾ cup milk
1.5 tsp baking powder for the dough
½ cup almonds
½ tsp salt
¼ cup orange liqueur (to taste)

Beat the butter with the sugar. Add the egg and beat until a smooth lush. Separately, mix the flour, baking powder, and salt. Then mix the flour mixture to the oil mixture, add milk, whisk well. Next, add the juice and grated zest from one orange and mix well. The form of grease and sprinkle with flour. Put the dough into the mold and sprinkle with almonds. Bake at 180 degrees about 40 minutes. Ready cake pour liquor. You can make tea and enjoy a delicious cake!

The next dish we – amazing delicious cream.

Cream “Orange miracle”

Cream "Orange miracle"


2 oranges
500 g of cottage cheese
8 g of gelatin
150 g of a 25% cream
5 tbsp icing sugar
4 tablespoons orange liqueur
With one orange peel to remove (a special knife, which cut into thin strips). On the other orange remove the thin skin with a knife (to clean the asparagus). Squeeze the juice from both fruits. Then, soak the gelatin in cold water for 5 minutes. Prepare the orange cream: Mix cottage cheese with orange juice, sour cream, sugar and liqueur. Add the strips of orange zest. Next, put the gelatin in a small pan and melt it over medium heat. Cool, put it in the cooked orange cream. Arrange in a container for desserts. Put in the fridge for 3 hours. Before serving, decorate with orange slices. Bon Appetit!

And now to a slice of orange jelly …

orange slices

orange slices


5 oranges
Gelatin 25 g
Sugar 100 g
500 ml of cherry compote
Soak gelatin for one hour in 150 ml of cold boiled water. Cut the oranges in half. Carefully remove all the pulp (without damaging the peel). Pour cherry compote in a saucepan, add sugar, bring to a boil. Add the gelatin, again bring to a boil and remove from heat. Cool, pour a lot of ‘mold’ of the oranges and put into the refrigerator for 7 hours. After this time, get it “molds”, cut into slices and serve. Bon Appetit everyone!

Tip: You can use the pulp of oranges for fruit salad.

And today we make a useful orange jelly. He will surely appeal to both adults and children.

Orange jelly

Orange jelly


4 oranges
3 cups water
3 tablespoons Sahara
1 tablespoon potato starch
With the help of juicers squeeze the juice from the oranges. Add to it the starch, stir well (to avoid lumps). Pour water in the pot, add the pulp of oranges and sugar. Put on low heat, stirring occasionally cook for 5 minutes. Strain. Pour a thin stream of starch-orange mixture and cook over low heat for 2 minutes. Kissel pour into jars, cool. Serve, garnished with slices of orange. Enjoy wine tasting and orange mood!

And at the end of the article …

And did you know that the loss of strength and a bad mood just enough to breathe a couple of minutes over hot water in which cut with the skins of oranges and essential oils to quickly return the courage and joy to you.

And again, from the peel of orange, boiling on the stove in a pot of water, quickly neutralizes all unpleasant odors.

Which of the above dishes Told “will be prescribed” you in the kitchen? And what interesting dishes with oranges, you know? Tell us .

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