Lazy mantle vegetable cushion

– For the dough:
3 eggs
0.5 h. L. salt
300 gr. flour
– Minced:
pork, beef (to taste).

1. Ready to roll out the dough thinner and cut into strips of 10-12 cm., Half the strips spread stuffing.
2. The dough is folded in half.
3. And we turn to roll, tucking the ends inside.
4. Now make vegetable cushion for our roses.
5. Onions half rings, grated carrots. Bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, tomato cut into strips salt + pepper. All this in a little vegetable oil to put out, then put it on roses, pour the water not quite up to the middle of the dumplings, bring to the readiness under the cover.

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