Layered salad for Valentine’s Day



Potatoes – 3 pcs.
Mushrooms – 400 g
Onions – 2 pcs. (1 + 1 for frying mushrooms in a salad)
Pickles – 2 pcs.
Chicken fillet – 400g.
Prunes – 100g. (To your liking)
Eggs – 5 pcs.
Carrots raw – 2 pcs.
Garlic – 2 – 3 the tooth.
Hard cheese – 200g.
Walnut – 80g.
Vegetable oil
Pomegranate salad for decoration.

Cooking method:

1. Potatoes cooked in their skins, peel and grate.

2. Eggs boiled hard-boiled and grate.

3. Finely chop the mushrooms and fry with sliced ​​onions.

4. Boil the chicken fillet and disassembled into fibers.

5. Prune steamed, then chopped.

6. Onions finely chop and marinate.

7. Pickles cut into small cubes.

8. Raw carrots peel and grate Add chopped garlic and mayonnaise.

9. Cheese grate. Walnuts grind in a blender or use a rolling pin.

10. Assembling puff salad: we need special molds hearts for this salad.

1 layer: potatoes, a little vegetable oil, pickled onions – mesh mayonnaise
2 layer: pickles
3 layer: chicken, prunes – mayonnaise
5 layer: fried mushrooms – mesh mayonnaise
6 layer of eggs – mesh mayonnaise
7 layer: carrots with garlic
8 Layer: grated cheese – mesh mayonnaise
9 layer: chopped walnuts and a little mayonnaise
10 layer: pomegranate seeds

Bon Appetit!

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