Layer pumpkin pie with cheese

Layer pumpkin pie with cheese.

You will need:
-1 kg pumpkin
-200 g salted cheese
-4 tomatoes
-50 g butter
-ground black pepper
-spices to taste
-a bunch of parsley

Pumpkin wash, dry and cut into 4 pieces. Remove seeds, boil in salted water.

With clean boiled pumpkin peel and cut the flesh into slices.

Cheese chop. Tomatoes Wash and cut into slices.

Greens wash, dry and chop. Melt the butter.

Slices of pumpkin to put in layers in a greased baking sheet. Each layer pour chopped cheese. Top beautifully put slices of tomato, chopped herbs and decorate pour the melted butter. Season with salt and pepper and season with spices.

Bake the pumpkin pie in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 180 ° C, basting with butter. When serving decorate with sprigs of greenery.

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