Lasagna with mussels, calamari, olives and sweet tomato sauce.

Lasagna with mussels, calamari, olives and sweet tomato sauce.


For the sauce:

-tomato 5-6
– 1 onion
-2 Cloves garlic
-1 Peppers
-1 Carrots
-1malenky Peperoncini or slightly different hot peppers
-oregano \ basil \ thyme
-hydrochloric \ sugar

For the pasta:
– Sheets of lasagna 5-7 pieces
– Mussels
– Squid
– Black olives
– basil

1. Sauce: tomato peel, onion, garlic, carrot, sweet pepper and hot pepper Peel and chop finely. Fry in a little oil the onion and garlic, add the carrots, sweet pepper and hot and cook for 5 minutes.
2. Tomatoes chop (you can use a blender) and add to the sauce. Cooking on a small sauce until thick. For 10 minutes, add the basil \ oregano \ thyme, align the sugar and salt.
3. remove the seeds and olives in this form to add to the sauce, cook 2 minutes.
4. Add the mussels, stir and add the squid rings porezanye. (I do not recall clean). Cook one minute and turn off. Remove from heat.
5. While preparing the sauce in a large amount of water to boil lasagna sheets per minute, without bringing to readiness.
6. Add the leaves to the hot sauce and let warm as 1 minute. Fire not be activated. Pasta comes to ready herself.


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