Lamb with mint sauce.

Lamb with mint sauce

Lamb with mint sauce

pea pods
mint  1 bunch
olive oil
salt  taste
pepper  taste

1.To cut to the loin “patties” – one ribs. Clean yourself up ribs bones. Theoretically, you can not do this, but the finished dish will look aesthetically.

Lamb with mint sauce

2.Season with salt and pepper and fry the chops over high heat until golden brown. Remove from heat, and allow to postpone the meat a little “rest”.

Lamb with mint sauce

3.Prepare a simple garnish. Clear young carrots.

4.Cut the carrots into cubes, wash the peas.

5.Fry peas and carrot in vegetable oil. This can be done right in the same pan, where roasted meat.

6.Prepare mint sauce. Break off the leaves from the bundle of mint.

7.A little salt and gradually add olive oil, chop the blender.

8.Put the vegetables on a plate, top – lamb. Generously sprinkle mint sauce.

Lamb with mint sauce

Young lamb getting ready immediately, but if you are in the presence of the “old” mutton cutlets after roasting better cook until ready in the oven.
With mint sauce can be served any meat.
From drinks to such a dish best fit, of course, red wine.

Bon Appetit!

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