Lamb ribs in Cognac


— 1 kg lamb ribs,
— Two onions,
— 100 ml of brandy,
— One lemon,
— Ground black pepper,
— Three cloves of peeled garlic,
— salt,
— Herbs to taste.

1. Chop onion half rings, pour in the bow — brandy, put the garlic, finely chop it beforehand, black pepper and herbs.
2. Put cooked ribs in marinade, pre-wash them well — all thoroughly and set aside to marinate for two — three hours in a cool place (refrigerator).
— Salt marinade is added should not be if there is added to a sauce, for example, soybean.
3. Marinated ribs lay on a baking sheet, sprinkle them generously with lemon juice on top.
4. Laid ribs on a baking pour the marinade (onions in this mass does not lay down).
5. To report on a baking lemon peel, cut into small cubes, close all foil and place in oven preheated to 200 degrees. To sustain ribs there for 40 — 50 minutes.
6. After expiration of the time — remove the foil, put the meat on top of the onions and continue to bake the ribs in the oven for an additional period of ten — fifteen minutes to form an appetizing crust.

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