Kurnik Russian dish is famous since ancient times, which occupied the main place on the holiday table. He was considered a symbol of prosperity and well-being of the family. Kurnik considered essential ingredient of chicken meat.



puff pastry 500g
• egg for greasing 1/2 pcs.
for the pancakes:
• 40 g flour
• 2 g sugar
• 1/2 egg pieces.
• 100 grams of milk
• melted butter 2 g
• salt

For the stuffing:
• Chicken 450g
• Figure 60 g
• boiled eggs 2 pcs.
• 150 grams of fresh mushrooms or dried 50g
• 50 g butter
• chopped parsley 10 g

Cooking method:
Prepare the stuffing. For minced chicken cook chicken, separate the meat from the bones, cut it and fill with oil.

To cook rice stuffing crumbly rice, season it with oil, add the chopped eggs 1/4, of the herbs, salt and pepper.

For the mushroom minced fresh or fry slices of boiled dried mushrooms. Egg cook stuffing of chopped boiled eggs, butter and herbs with the addition of spices.
• To rub the egg pancakes with sugar and salt, dilute with milk and sprinkle in the sifted flour. Knead the batter and bake 4 pancakes.

• Roll out the puff pastry to a thickness of 4-5 mm and cut out two cakes. On smaller diameter cake lay pancake.

• On the pancake lay different stuffing, pancakes sandwiching them. (For example: the first mushroom stuffing, rice the second, the third and final chicken egg).

• The edges of the bottom cake grease egg, cover it with a second tortilla, firmly press the edges. Kurnik grease egg, garnish with figures of dough,

 brush with egg again and bake until golden brown at 210-230 degrees.

• Serve Kurnik, cut into portions. Separately, you can file a mushroom or chicken broth


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