Kish with pumpkin and blue cheese

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Kish with pumpkin and blue cheese

The light sweet pumpkin, ostrinku blue cheese, spice thyme combines creamy egg filling on crispy puff pastry. The result is a perfect snack to white wine.


Ingredients for “Kiss with pumpkin and blue cheese”:

Blue Cheese – 70 g
Pumpkin (raw) – 100 g
Egg – 1 pc
Cream (fat, 20-30%) – 70 ml
Thyme (a few sprigs)
White pepper (pinch)
Walnut nutmeg (a pinch)
The dough is flaky (1 sheet) – 1 pc

Purified slice of pumpkin bake in the microwave or oven until soft. I bake in the microwave for 10 minutes. Cut into cubes

Blue cheese cut into small cubes or break into pieces

Puff pastry to defrost slightly and roll. Cookie cutters to complete the test, cut off the excess with a rolling pin. One puff pastry square enough for molds 4 cm in diameter and 10 cm height * 2. Trim can sprinkle with sugar and bake with kishami

* Instead of the four mini-kishey can make one large

Put into molds with the dough pieces of pumpkin and blue cheese

Prepare fill – egg shake with cream, thyme leaves and a pinch of white pepper and nutmeg

Distribute fill in forms and bake in the oven for 20 minutes at T180-190S

Bon appétit!

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