● 500g of flour
● 250g cold butter
● 150 ml cream
● Powdered sugar with vanilla sugar for dusting kiflikov.
● For filling any jam, thick consistency.


Sift flour, add the pieces of butter. Thoroughly grind into crumbs and add sour cream.
Knead the dough is smooth, soft mass. If you get a firm dough and tight, you can safely Domes more elastic consistency to sour cream.

Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for one hour, and preferably on the night.
Select the dough from the refrigerator (there are reviews that after the refrigerator dough became stone, this should not be, but if you have it turned out, select the dough and leave at room temperature for 30 minutes just to get warm).

Divided into three or four parts.
Roll out on a work surface with flour pripylennoy (I have the dough very pleasant to work and I do not sprinkle with flour) into a rectangular layer thickness of approximately 3 mm.

Cut into squares 7×7, put in the middle of a jam, twist in rozhok.Kraya zaschipyvaem (I still seam just in case the sting) and form kifliki. Bake at 200 grams. approximately 15-25 minut.Do golden color! Ready cones dipped in powdered sugar.


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