KEZEKUHEN with peach jelly

KEZEKUHEN with peach jelly.

The recipe for the dough and curd-classic.
The filler used delicious peach jam with spices, not cloying
You can decorate stained cream, though, and can be white …

кезекухен 1


For the dough:
-200 Grams of flour
-1 Teaspoon ripper
-1 Egg
-75 G sugar
-65 Gr cold butter
-hydrochloric Pinch
The ripper rub the flour with cold butter, add the remaining ingredients, mix quickly. Wrapped, send in the refrigerator.

For filling:
-200 G sugar
-100 Gr rastit.masla
-4 Eggs
-300 Ml of milk
-100 Ml cream
-2 Teaspoons of vanilla sugar
-1 Packet of dry pudding, or 40 p starch (preferably corn)
-1 Kg creamy cheese (plain curd have to grind through a sieve)
All ingredients were mixed with a mixer until uniform. The filling is a liquid.

350 grams of peach jam, drain the
In the pulp add a teaspoon of starch, stir
Syrup leave jelly

The dough is divided in 2 parts.
Roll the piece of dough, put on the bottom of the form.
The second part of the roll out, molded bumpers.
In the dough put peach jam, smooth.
Pour the filling into the mold.
In heated to 170 C oven to put a form on 75 minutes (maybe a bit more).
To top does not burn through 30-40 minutes covered with foil shape.
Turn off the oven, open up or remove the shape until cool to the stuffing is not deformed.
It is best to bake in the evening and in the morning to get it out of the oven.
Remove the form, put in the dish.
Make the jelly:
Weigh syrup and number add the right amount of gelatin at the rate of 2 g per 100 g of gelatin liquid.
Heat the syrup, gelatin, pour warm the surface kezekuhena.
Garnish with whipped cream.


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