Julien in a bun

Julien in a bun


• Mushrooms champignons 300 g
• Onions 2000
• Minced pork + beef 400 g
• Cream 10% 150 ml
• Cheese sandwich plate 3
• Buns 6 pieces

1. From muffins to take out midway, to get a cup.
2. Put out the onions with mushrooms and cream. Season with salt and add seasoning to taste.
3. Separately, fry until cooked beef.
4. Mix together roasted beef and mushroom creamy mass. The resulting mixture stuff the rolls and put into shape. Cover the rolls with cheese.
5. Rolls put in a preheated oven for 5-7 minutes. The form can be densely grease with butter, while the bottom rolls will not be a dry, becomes tender and soft.

жулькн в булочках

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