Juicy vegetable pie

Juicy vegetable pie.

-Baklazhan – 1 pc.
-Tsukkini – 1 pc.
-Luk Leeks white part – 470
-Motsarella – 350 g
-Test Puff ready – 600
Butyric slivochnoe – ’80
-Yaytso Chicken – 1 pc.
-Green Fresh cilantro, parsley – 1 bunch
-Perets Black powder – to taste
-hydrochloric – To taste
-Oregano Dried powder – 1 tsp
-Muka For rolling dough – 2 tablespoons

Getting prepared:
Leek cut into rings and cook in the melted butter over medium heat until soft, then we shift into a separate bowl.
In the same pan, add more butter and fry until cooked diced eggplant and zucchini.
Mixed with leek.
Add the chopped herbs, salt and pepper to taste.
There also we place the diced mozzarella. For this recipe is perfect to take a denser grade of mozzarella, which is designed specifically for hot dishes, what is written on the packaging. Mix stuffing and leave to cool slightly.
Meanwhile, on the floured table roll out puff pastry a layer about 2 mm thick.
Cut the dough wide strips (about 5 cm wide and 15-20 cm in length).
Greased with butter form lay strips of dough overlap each other so as to cover part of the bumpers and the bottom.
The bottom pieces of dough are also close.
Inside the cake we place the stuffing.
Close the test.
Lubricates the mixture of beaten eggs and Dried oregano. Put in the oven at 190 degrees for about 30-40 minutes.
Once the cake has risen and it formed a golden brown, remove from the oven and cool for a little bit. Ready cake removed from the mold and We serve to the table in the form of heat.

сочный овощн пирог

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