Jellied “Faberge eggs”

Jellied “Faberge eggs”.


-eggshell pieces 10,
-gelatin 20 g
-chicken broth 1.5-2 cups,
-150-200 g ham,
-canned corn or green peas 0.5 banks
-pepper 1-2 pieces,

Cooking method:

Chicken Soup cook soup (broth with salt). Gelatin chilled broth and left to swell for 1-2 hours. The swollen gelatin is put on the stove and heat until gelatin is completely dissolved (not boiling). Egg wash and wipe dry. With the blunt end of the egg to make a small hole with a knife and expand opening up to 1.5-2 cm.

Content egg (white and yolk) and pour used for cooking other dishes – in this recipe they are needed. The empty egg shells are well washed in soap-soda solution and rinse thoroughly under running water. Prepared washed and the dried egg shells for easy to put in the form of eggs.

Ham cut into cubes. With green peas or corn drained. Bulgarian pepper cut into cubes (get a nice, if you take the peppers of different colors). At the bottom of an empty eggshell put the pieces of bell pepper and green leaves. On top lay, alternating, ham, corn, peppers and green leaves – so to fill all available space to the top of the egg shell and pour the broth with a dissolved gelatin. Put the eggs in a cool place before gelling. Before serving from shell eggs clean (as usual boiled egg) and put jelly on a plate.

Bon Appetit!

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