Japanese omelette

Japanese omelette.

This recipe is for those who want something new from the eggs, a little bit of skill (I did it the first time) during baking and a Japanese-style breakfast is ready!
Surprisingly, this omelette is very popular with the children. Japanese is added to the scrambled eggs and sugar and even rice vinegar or sake (0.5 tsp. Tablespoons), but it is quite succeed without it.

японский омлет
• Eggs – 4 pcs.
• salt – a little
• soy sauce – 1 tsp. Spoonful

1. Divide the eggs, salt, soy sauce in a bowl and whisk with a fork until smooth.
Meanwhile, we warm up a frying pan with non-stick coating, oil drips, wipe cloth. Postpone napkin on a plate, it is still useful to us.
2. Pour into the pan a quarter of the egg mixture evenly distributed over the pan.
When the omelet is bubbling, it is necessary to slightly reduce the heat and bubbles – puncture. When the omelet seize, take two blades and begin to roll tightly twist to the other side of the pan.
3. Next, grease the pan with butter paper and pour the next portion of the egg mixture. Much raise a roll, and the mixture is stiff for him.
When the omelette again seize, we continue to tighten the roll, moving it to the other side of the pan. And so it goes until the end of the egg mixture.
You can then browned omelet on all sides, turning it.
Then shift the omelet on a board, cut diagonally and serve hot.

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