Jam from the pumpkin for the winter

Jam from the pumpkin for the winter.

‎Looking at this sunny jam and try it once and you do not understand what does it cooked. But this jam is so delicious that it is impossible not to fall in love with the first spoon.

варенье из тыквы 1



-Pumpkin – 2 kg
-Sea buckthorn – 300 grams (you can substitute 2 oranges)
-Sugar – 5 cups
-Water – 1 cup

Servings: 3

Pour into a bowl or large pan a glass of water and set it on fire. Once the water boils, we begin to pour into it one glass of sugar, stirring constantly mass.

When one cup of sugar is dissolved, adding a second, then the third and so on, as a result, we shall give a thick sugar syrup.

The cooked syrup spread buckthorn, a little rub it and bring a lot to a boil, but do not boil.

Now add peeled and cut into cubes of pumpkin, mix everything and cook jam over low heat until until pumpkin becomes almost transparent.

Then poured jam to a clean jar and close their lids. Keep jam pumpkin is better in the refrigerator or other cool place.

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