Italian walnut cake

Italian walnut cake.

итальянский орех торт

Citric acid 1 g.
Wheat flour, 1 ch. L.
Nuts 150 gr.
Sugar 150 gr.
Protein 4 pcs.
Pinch of salt 4 pieces.
Dark chocolate 80 + 30 + 5 Art. l.
Powdered sugar 1 tbsp. l.
Fatty whipping cream 300 ml.

• Walnuts dry on a dry skillet and pound, quite small, but not flour.
• Beat the whites with a pinch of salt and citric acid (can be a few drops of lemon juice, but you can not).
• Gradually add the sugar and beat until firm peaks.
• Add the flour, nuts, stir until smooth.
• From the parchment cut 6 rounds of 18 cm in diameter. Each circle and smudge floured dough for each circle. Bake in preheated oven to 420 f.
• Bake the cake every 5 minutes. Pulling out of the oven to cool down a bit and use the broad blades separate the cake from the paper. We must be very careful to separate, because shortcakes very broken. But if this happens, do not worry, fold them like a puzzle.
• Melt 80 grams of dark chocolate in a water bath to a liquid state.
• 5 chocolate cakes grease with a brush, the sixth leave without chocolate. Allow to cool at room temperature.
• For the cream: Whip heavy cream, add 1 tablespoon powdered sugar. Beat.
• In a separate bowl 4 tablespoons postponed cream. In the remaining cream to add 30 g of grated chocolate and mix.
• Now assemble the cake. Each cake spread with whipped cream and chocolate.
• Gather together and cover with cream and spread Korzh
• Cake decorate postavait nuts and refrigerate for a couple of hours

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