Italian pasta with pumpkin, cheese and arugula

Italian pasta with pumpkin, cheese and arugula – violent combination of flavors and bright colors, combined and complement each other perfectly. Incredibly tasty dish that can conquer even the most impregnable heart. This fresh autumn recipe with photo postletnyuyu banish melancholy, if any, and takes you into the world of inspiration.

Preparing it very simple and quick, except for baking pumpkin, just 10 minutes.

-pasta – 200 grams (I linguini)
-pumpkin – 200 g
-cheese – 100g
-greens – arugula – polpuchka
-vegetable oil – olive
-sea ​​salt
-black pepper
Cooking pasta with pumpkin begins with roasting the pumpkin itself – it is the longest of the entire prescription.
Then put to cook the pasta.
When the pasta is ready, we leave it a little water in which it is cooked, pour the olive oil and mix.
Add the roasted pumpkin and mix again. Pasta sauces are very diverse, but I always advise them to add a bit of water left over from cooking, to be more smooth and homogeneous.
Cut the cheese 2/3 cheese and finely crumble hands directly into a paste, then mix. Cheese can be replaced by Fet, Pasta with Feta is also very tasty.

And if you do not like the taste too salty previous two cheeses, the pasta with mozzarella is a great option for you. Improvise!
Last one’s left a bright ingredient – arugula. I really love her, but I know that many will not tolerate its bitter taste, so you can replace it with dill. He, too, has a bright taste, so is an excellent substitute. As you can see pasta recipes may vary per sekundu.Kladem greens into the pan and stir.

That’s all! Now that you know how to cook pasta with pumpkin, rocket and feta cheese. It remains only arrange on plates and sprinkle with the remaining cheese, and each, if desired, with black pepper freshly ground!

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