ITALIAN EASTER Cake “panettone”

ITALIAN EASTER Cake “panettone”

I recommend to cook Italian “Panettone” to the Easter table. Cake turns light through air test structure, each piece melts in your mouth … Bread luxury – that’s what it means in the translation of the name of Italian Easter cake “Panettone”.


170g raisins
20 g of light rum
20 g of hot water
3 eggs
1 sachet of vanillin
40 g of honey
130 g candied
540 g flour
Sugar 150 g
5 g of active dry yeast
2 g of the salt
6 g of lemon peel
250g softened butter
1 tbsp. l. melted butter
1 tbsp. l. chilled butter


1.Pour a mixture of raisins and 2 tablespoons rum. l. of warm water.
2.Mix the flour, yeast, sugar, salt, lemon zest and vanilla using a blender. You can use a vanilla pod: pastries will be even more fragrant!
Separately vzbey eggs with warm water and honey.

3.Mix the dry ingredients to the egg mass, using a blender. The dough should get uniform! Slowly melted butter is added to the dough, one spoon, still whisking.
4.Unite steamed raisins with candied fruit and melted butter, ready-mixed enter into the dough.
5.Put the dough in the bowl of an impressive size, cover with cling film. Dough will rise for 15 hours and should be increased thrice, bear this in mind when choosing the container.
6.Slightly prisyp ready dough with flour and shape it into a ball, put it in a form for baking.
7.Cover the dough moist kitchen towel and leave it to rise for another 4-5 hours in a warm room without drafts.
8.Preheat oven to 190 degrees.
9.Make an incision in the shape of a cross on top and place in the Easter recess piece of cold butter. Check the readiness of cake with a match: it must come out of the test with a slightly damp, in any case, not wet.
10.Get ready panettone and let it cool. You can decorate the cake with dried fruits Italian, laying them on top, and you can pour it traditionally thick glaze.
In the bright feast of the Resurrection of Christ so eager to please their loved ones and treat them with the most delicious dishes. Try to cook muffins air that adore all Italians – will not lose!

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