Italian delicacy “zukotto”

Italian delicacy “zukotto”

What do you know Italian desserts? The first thing comes to mind tiramisu, in the second turn – panna cotta. Few people have heard, seen and even more stunning was eating dessert called “zukotto”. It is an Italian domed cake, in which basis – biscuit dough and cream heavy cream. Delicious!

Italian delicacy "zukotto"

Homeland zukotto is considered the capital of Tuscany, Florence. Local bakers prepared dessert dome already in the XVI century. Name of the person who invented this delicious cake, sunk into oblivion. History has preserved only a few versions of the origin of the name dishes. Word zuccotto translated from Italian means “dome”, and many sources are inclined to believe that the delicacy named after the main dome of Florence Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, which the townspeople are very proud of. Others argue that the cake resembles a traditional hat Cardinal (zucchetto) and named after her. In another, less plausible legend, zukotto dessert named after the pumpkin (zuccotto translated from Italian means “little pumpkin”).
As the “stuffing” of the dome serves traditional butter cream or ricotta cheese with a variety of additives (chocolate, nuts, fruits, praline, marshmallow, meringue). Basis zukotto remains unchanged: it is a biscuit. This cake is not very quick to prepare, but the result is worth it: many who once tried this Tuscan delicacy domed cake becomes a favorite dessert.

Italian delicacy "zukotto"

I suggest to try the walnut-chocolate variant zukotto.

You’ll need:

one large cake (bake on a favorite recipe or pick a ready shop),

cream – 500 ml cream 35% fat,

50 grams of powdered sugar,

200 grams of dark chocolate,

50 g peeled almonds,

50 g of purified hazelnut syrup – 100 ml of water,

1 tbsp. l. sugar,

25 ml of cognac,

25 ml of liquor “amaretto” (or 50 ml of one of the two drinks).

 walnut-chocolate zukotto

Prepare a deep bowl or spherical volume of 2 liters, it Cover the cling film, foil, lubricate with oil. Biscuit divide into three layers. Two of them cut strips or triangles and place them in a row on the plastic wrap. If the form has a flat bottom, cut-out biscuit circle corresponding diameter. As a result, the biscuit pieces must fit tightly to each other.

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Prepare for impregnating the sponge. Mix water, alcohol, sugar, bring to a boil and boil for a few minutes. Generously saturate the sponge cake with warm syrup.
Half of the chocolate melt in a water bath and cool. Half whip the cream until stable peaks. Carefully to mix the cream to the melted chocolate. Now spread a cream cake obtained (middle should remain empty). Oil cream cake, send in the fridge for half an hour.
At this time, beat the remaining cream with the powdered sugar. The second half of the chop chocolate chips into the middle. Nuts for 5 minutes on a dry frying pan fry. Let them cool down and also chop into crumbs. Combine the cream, chocolate and nut crumbs and place in the middle of the resulting cream biscuit. Cover with a layer of the remaining biscuits and send in the refrigerator for solidification – for at least 6 hours, and can be 7-8.

walnut-chocolate zukotto 584x430_wm_d205c8bc09a89130c0e84bd40b960a4c2

Currently turn cake onto a plate and garnish as desired. It is possible to coat with chocolate glaze, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and put on top of the usual cocktail or cherry. In the course can go coconut, almonds, light cream and so on. Do not limit your imagination!
Miracle dessert zukotto ready.

walnut-chocolate zukotto

Bon Appetit!

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