Invert sugar syrup

Useful preform for baking

This product replaces molasses, as has anticrystallization properties. Invert syrup was prepared by heating an aqueous sugar solution with an acid. When this occurs the inversion process consists in the splitting of sucrose into fructose and glucose.
This syrup will help to accelerate the fermentation test, it will improve the taste and aroma of bread baking slow the staling.

Dissolve 350 g of sugar in 155 ml of hot water. With constant stirring, bring the solution to a boil, then add 2.2 g (about 2/3 teaspoon no slides) crystalline citric acid. Cover the pan with a tight-fitting lid and simmer heavy syrup over low heat for 45 minutes to sample the average thread. Heavy cover will provide a high pressure inside the pot and boiling syrup over 107-108S. If this cover you do not, cover the pan suitable for the size of the plate, which put the load — a jar of water.

To determine the density of the syrup on thin, medium or thick thread as follows: Pour a teaspoon a little hot syrup on a cold plate, then bottomed spoon, gently press on the surface of the syrup and immediately lift the spoon up. Thus for a spoon pulled the thin, medium or thick thread syrup. Cooked syrup to the desired sample, cool it to 80-90 and neutralized with 10% solution of sodium (1.45 g of sodium, or about 1/4 teaspoon without a top, dessert spoon dissolve in water). Here you will see a rapid foaming. Ready invert syrup is yellow, and the consistency of liquid honey of the young. You should have about 370 g of syrup.

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