introduction to French cuisine. part I

introduction to French cuisine. part I

The French have always believed that their food is the best in the world. In their view, the Italian kitchen is too full of pasta and tomato, rude Spanish and Greek just drowned in olive oil. And only the French can give every dish a delicious taste and unique style. I am not going to argue with the French, but only talk about their experiences …

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First came to Paris, I romantically thought my morning at the hotel starts with a buffet breakfast, served Garzon, like Alain Delon, that will sound songs of Charles Aznavour Joe Dassin and Dalida, and the window will certainly view the Eiffel Tower.

In fact, it turned out that breakfast in Paris hotels usually served plump black woman who is not peculiar nostalgia for the songs of French singer. However, the breakfast made me pleasant emotions – I feel it is the French art de table, that is, the art of serving.

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Aromatic coffee, milk jug in a tiny, jam, butter and, of course, warm croissants – all nicely arranged on a tray with a flower bouquet and that I am particularly pleased, not paper, and linen napkins.

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After breakfast, of course, after some time, followed by lunch, and then dinner … Walking through the streets of Paris, I especially paid attention to the bistro, which at lunchtime or in the evening all the tables are occupied – this is the best advertising places, and more I heard only the French language – French dinner there, so I have to like the place.

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So, I sat down at a table and ordered a traditional bistro dish – scrambled eggs with mushrooms and ham, salad with aioli sauce and a glass of chardonnay.

Garzon was not like Alain Delon, but also proved to be very cute!

– Bon appetit, mademoiselle!

– Merci!

Hooray!!! I felt a little French girl!

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Every day I will definitely ordered a new dish, and tried to change the bistro. Thus for the omelette with mushrooms followed by onion soup, potatoes Dauphine, and various soufflés zhuleny, stuffed pancakes, gratin of asparagus … treats Paris !!!

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As a child, I could not tolerate boiled onions in the soup, but in Paris, curiosity overcame my aversion to this vegetable.

– Garzon, I onion soup … and more onions!

Note that this is a traditional French dish is prepared not only from a bow.

So, the recipe of Leo – the cook, the restaurant in Paris.

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Onions and garlic are fried in butter until golden brown. Then boil the vegetables in meat broth for half an hour, then fill with white wine, spices and grated cheese. Serve the soup with croutons without fail.

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Bon appetit!

I want to tell you about another French first dish – bouillabaisse, which I really liked. This option Provencal fish soup. While it may be, and Breton …

If the French themselves are arguing about this, let alone understand me!

This soup is cooked not only of fish, but also of other seafood – scallops, mussels, octopus. The soup should be thick all means, but be sure to clear!

The same chef Parisian restaurant – Leo – shared secret: required special composition of spices that bouillabaisse was truly French. So reveals the secrets to you while cooking in the pan must put a cloth bag with a specific composition garni of herbs – with laurel, parsley and savory. Voila!

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Making promenade along the Rue and Avenue now and then I come across confectionery and sweets shops. Showcases are constantly filled with the freshest pastries … Well, as you can get past !!! And my hand once again fell into the bag for a purse.

France gastronomy.

France gastronomy.

France gastronomy.

France gastronomy.

There are stunning Parisian pastry shops, which have century-old history and vibrantly branded store recipes. So I discovered confectionery Berko. In Paris, if I’m not mistaken, there are only two.

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Strolling through Montmartre, I certainly wrapped the street Lepic, on it is not only a great pastry shop, but also cafes “Two mills”, where Amelie was filmed.

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The obligatory moment of my “sweet life” in France always made cake macaroon – a traditional French dessert, originally from Italy. Invented it was still in the XVIII century by the connection of egg whites, almond powder and sugar. In France, the “pasta” became as much a part of history, as well as, for example, Chanel. Today, as claimed, invented more than 500 different flavors. Familiar – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and so on, as well as the taste of champagne, violets and rose petals.

France gastronomy.

And I, as always, could not resist the temptation to try the chocolate chip cookies with almonds and multilayer cake Napoleon.

Long live the sweet life in Paris!

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