Interesting facts

Interesting facts.

6 facts about the dangers of chips and why they should not eat:

1). Chips – a mixture of carbohydrate and fat with the addition of salts, dyes and taste substitutes.
2). Chips can not do from whole potatoes, and potato flour, which does not add to the usefulness of the product.
3). Chips contribute to obesity, because they contain nearly half the daily allowance of calories for the child (510 kcal per 100 grams of chips) because of the high content of carbohydrates (starch) and fat.
4). Chips are fried in vegetable oil useful, but at least in margarine. Therefore, the fat in potato chips, can cause cancer.
5). Excessive amounts of salt that enters the body of a child, along with chips, prevents the normal growth of bones, disrupt metabolism and can cause edema and heart problems.
6). Colorants and flavoring agents which impart different tastes chips may cause allergy.



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