Indescribably delicious cake


• chocolate cakes — 600 grams
• sour — 600 grams (20-30%)
• powdered sugar — 100 grams
• Bananas — 2 pieces
• walnuts
• coconut
• Chocolate
1. For the preparation of gingerbread cake with bananas must be cut in half lengthwise carrots, bananas, cut into circles, mix sour cream with powdered sugar and nuts is not very finely crumble.
2.Misku need vystelit cling film, the edges of the hanging. Slices of carrot should be dipped in sour cream and put on the bottom of the bowl, fill the gaps fragments stick.
3. In the next layer is necessary to lay out a banana at him again a layer of carrots, then again a layer of bananas, sprinkle with nuts.
4.Poslednim need to put a layer of gingerbread. Layers can be more, depending on the size and shape of the ingredients.
5.You can use other fruit. Nuts can be put more on each layer or not to put all (to taste).
In this computation gingerbread like ordinary chocolate cakes with banana flavored layer. If the cake is covered with thick sour cream — cake will turn soft in consistency.
6.Neobhodimo remove the finished cake in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.
7. In conclusion invert cake onto a plate and remove the tape.
When a gingerbread cake with bananas, you can decorate with grated chocolate, cocoa and sprinkle with black melted chocolate.

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