Ideas melon dishes

Ideas melon dishes

Bright, juicy, sweet, with a wonderful aroma … Melon, queen of melons, it’s your time! Of course, the melon can and should be eaten raw, divided into portions (or just a spoon!). But how good it is in the dishes! Meals with unique melon and decorate any table. So why deprive yourself of pleasure? I propose some fresh ideas.

Ideas melon dishes

Salad of melon with prosciutto.

Salad of melon with prosciutto

A combination of melon and prosciutto has already become a classic. Purified from the seeds and skins of the melon should be cut into small cubes. Even better – use a spoon for ice cream and cut melon balls. At the bottom of the bowl Put the arugula leaves, and on top – the flesh of the melon and prosciutto. Sprinkle the dish with lemon juice, season to taste. This recipe can be easily transformed. Prosciutto ham can be replaced or basturma, in a salad, you can add feta or other cheese.

Melon – a great base for canapés with ham or prosciutto! The combination of these ingredients is quite self-sufficient, but you can add to these canapes cheese slices.

canapés of melon

Melon, like watermelon, you can cook on the grill. Peeled and cut into a melon portions lightly with honey and place on preheated grill. Cook for about 5 minutes on both sides, staring. Cooked melon sprinkle with cinnamon and powdered sugar.

grill of melon

Hot melon dessert.

Hot melon dessert

Slices purified by medium melon seeds need to send it in the oven, preheated to 170 degrees for 5 minutes. Remove the melon and pour the syrup prepared in advance. Syrup using 50 ml of water, 50 ml of champagne, 150 g of sugar, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of cinnamon, 1 tbsp. spoon of ginger. Heat the water in a pan and dissolve the sugar in it, add the champagne, cinnamon, ginger and boiled down to one third of the mixture. Garnish with mint hot dessert and serve immediately.

Shake melon.

Shake melon

For 4 servings, use a pulp medium melon, 300 ml milk, 50 g of vanilla ice cream, 50 grams of sugar (you can do without it), 8-10 ice cubes. All ingredients should be placed in the bowl of a blender and blend to a state of the cervix. Excluding the ice from the recipe, you will get a cocktail that is suitable for the cooler days.

And finally, in melon fruit salad can be served! It is incredibly beautiful!

fruit salad

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