Ideas for Halloween: 3 simple recipe useful “terrible” treats!

Ideas for Halloween: 3 simple recipe useful “terrible” treats!

1. Apple monsters
2 large green apples, cut into 4 pieces, remove the middle. Within each quarters make the outside of the two incisions, remove the extra slice. Inside each hole put a little condensed milk. Make the “teeth” of the seeds and the tongue of thin slices of strawberry.
How to make “eyes”? Use marzipan mass (or white glaze) and frozen drops of melted dark chocolate. Allow to solidify in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

2. Pumpkin Pepper
In each pepper with a sharp knife, cut holes – eyes and mouth, like a pumpkin for Halloween. At the bottom put a salad so that it is slightly protruded from the hole – mouth. This can be filled with pepper salad and serve it sliced ​​vegetables (celery, carrot) or other snacks.

3. Banana Ghost
You will need a large, not too soft banana – peel them and cut in half, so that they stand steadily on a flat surface. Prepare the mouth and eyes of ghosts – suitable licorice, dark marzipan mass (Form details the desired shape and carefully push deep into the banana) or elongated, chocolate drops – melt a chocolate bar in a water bath, form droplets desired shape on waxed paper and let harden for 24 hours.

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