Hunting food

Hunting food

It just so happened that a man hunt for the mammoth, and cut up a woman on his burgers, soup sets, and so on. That is the most difficult: the pursuit of game, production thereof, the celebration of this event on the site, hunting stories and weekends in nature reserves strong half of humanity itself. And most of nonsense like fussing with the preparation of production, accompanied by a long process of plucking, gutting, soaking, pickling, and other complexities within 2-3 days for preparation of the extracted leaves women. So who then Hunter? Whoever chasing wild game, or the one who then tinker with it?

Well you mine, quail ….

To the question: “You lovers of quail?” I would answer: “To eat – yes, and – no!”. Why? Hunter happily presents you catch – a bundle of feathered game and shot in all places. And your job is to pluck the carcass, and dig the spent grain is not easy, and the result – a heap of carcasses advantage hundred grams each. Frankly, I was not inspired to such a feat not even sure that the dish will be royal! If you still want to try the quail, but without the tedious procedure of removal of feathers and other things – buy fattened or arrange with the hunters on the supply of quail in the form of ready-to culinary experiments carcasses. Let’s get started

Quail with mushrooms


6 treated carcasses quail
3 tablespoons lard (lard)
3 tablespoons butter
500 g fried ceps
salt, pepper, parsley


Carcases cut along the back, flatten and put on a wooden skewer. Sprinkle each with salt and pepper fried in a skillet on the melted fat. Put the finished birds on a layer of white mushrooms and pour melted butter, sprinkle with parsley.

Hunting food

Quail hunting is on a spit


4 quail carcass
200 g smoked bacon
8 big grape leaves
3 tablespoons butter
Article 0.5. broth
4 toast of white bread
Salt pepper.


Carcasses of quail grease inside and out with butter, after mixing it with salt and pepper. Each carcass wrap strips of bacon, wrapped in grape leaves, wrap string or twine and skewering. Skewers with quails lay on the edge of the pan, the fat dripping to the bottom (pour a little water).

Broil in preheated oven, turning and basting with juice. Ready to remove the quail skewers, remove the leaves and put on roasted slices of bread. Serve with greens and fried potatoes.

Do not chase saiga!

Ate you want to try really delicious saiga meat, find out how long the hunters chased thereby saiga! It turns out that the taste of the meat depends on the path of the hoof. Meat saiga same as the lamb, although the taste is more like veal, as I thought. The broth and roast saiga tastes of many dishes from other cloven-hoofed animals. Home cooking thinness of the production of hunters – the duration of pickling!

Braised or grilled fillet of Saiga

Hunting food:grilled fillet of Saiga


1 kg fillet
2-3 tbsp. marinade (the meat was covered)
100 g of lard or bacon 500g
1 tbsp. dry white wine
1 tbsp. broth
salt and pepper.


Marinade: 4 liters of water, 1/3 Art. sugar, a bag of peas allspice, cloves 2 g, 2 g of ground black pepper, 3 g coriander seeds, half cup of 6% vinegar, basil and thyme, tied in cheesecloth. Fillet of Saiga in one piece for 3 days to put in the marinade in the refrigerator, remove, dry. Salo cut into thin cubes, a little fry over low heat utyatnitsu, pour in broth and wine, add ½ st. marinade, add salt and pepper, put a piece of fillet and cook for about an hour under the hood. Then, drain the remaining juice drain and pour into a gravy boat. The meat cut into chunks, or to cut into pieces and serve with boiled potatoes and sauce.

Or do otherwise – to wrap the entire piece of meat strips of bacon, wrap in foil and bake in the oven, gravies in the pan 2 tablespoons. water.

Hare did not see?

Typically, something is brought out of the woods “from the bunny”, but sometimes delivered in person and of rabbit. If you have extracted a rabbit, do not cook it immediately. Hare has to “lie down” some day. Then, in split carcass definitely need a good soak in the running water, and even a couple of hours in water with vinegar. By the way, so best to do the hedgehog and domestic rabbits.

Roast bunny


1 produced a hare or a rabbit weighing 3 kg
50 g fat
3-4 cloves of garlic
Bay leaf
50 g butter
100 ml of 20% cream
Salt, juniper berries and rosemary


Soaked in water hare rub with salt, pepper and crushed juniper berries (you can put inside the 3 sprigs of rosemary) and lard slices of bacon, garlic and bay leaf. Carcase grease with butter, put on a baking sheet, gravies water and put in a hot oven. When the carcass redden, reduce the heat and pouring juice formed it, fry for about an hour and a half, spraying water as necessary. At the end of cooking pour the sour cream and the carcass after 10 -15 minutes, remove from oven. Cut the carcass into large chunks and served with boiled potatoes and greens.

Hunting food:Roast bunny

Have a good hunting! But remember that the store has on the road ….

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