How to make a mask for hair from bread.

What girl has not dreamed of a dense and silky hair, like the Little Mermaid. It is impossible to see how with age instead of a luxurious head of hair appears pathetic little tail. It comes to mind only one thing – to radically change the image and make the cut. Do not rush.

A simple way to bring the beauty of your hair – make a mask of rye bread.
There are many popular recipes bread masks. For a very simple need only slices of rye bread (only black bread can be used, white is not suitable), which is filled with boiling water and leave for two hours in a dark place.
The resulting mask is applied to the unwashed, lightly moistened hair and left for 30 minutes. After the procedure, you need to wash hair with shampoo and warm water with vinegar.
To give hair shine, beauticians advised to add such a mask of lemon juice.
If you dream of a luxurious long hair, then cook the bread on the mask broth of a camomile.
For this recipe will need:

pulp of fresh rye bread (300 g);
infusion of chamomile or nettle (now sold ready-made collections of herbs in many pharmacies);
egg yolk.
All this must be thoroughly mixed with a mixer or blender. The consistency of the mask should be the same as sour cream. Remember that wash this mask is not easy. To facilitate this procedure, it is possible to add beforehand a mask olive, castor oil or burdock.

Another recipe mask. If desired, bread can not be soaked in boiling water, and milk. This will give the hair easy combing.

Hair mask made of bread suitable for all hair types. It is desirable to apply once every five days, treatment should be 10-12 procedures. Even at home you can make a beauty salon and give your hair beauty and health!


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