How to make a lacy valentine

How to make a lacy valentine

Dear girl, very soon February 14, and this is another reason to please their loved ones, to surprise with something unusual and important words to say …

On this holiday, we decided to give each other “Valentine” – hearts with warm wishes …

I thought – What if, warm will not only words, but also to themselves, “Valentine”? So the idea to create this “hot” lace creations. I am pleased to share the idea to create a surprise Valentine’s day.

Lace valentines pancakes!

How to make a lacy valentine

The secret lies in the device, from which “poured” pancakes … habitual ladle replace the bottle with a narrow spout …

You can do it yourself (as shown below), or use any other hole with a ready – from the sauce, ketchup, etc., as long as the nozzle capacity was thin.


Making the device:

Take a plastic bottle of 0.5 liters (can be a little more), remove the cap and make a small hole.

How to make a lacy valentine

The hole should be the size of the tube, which we do from a conventional cotton swab.

Cut off the ends and ready.

2 (10)

Stick a straw into the hole. It is advisable to deep, so as not jumped in the manufacture of pancakes.

How to make a lacy valentine

Prepare the dough, fill the bottle.

How to make a lacy valentine

Making dough …

Ingredients take the most common:

Milk (any fat content) – 200 ml
Eggs – 2 pcs.
Flour – 40-50 g
Vegetable oil – 2-3 tbsp. spoons
Salt – to taste
Sugar – to taste
Soda for food (on the tip of a knife)
Divide the eggs, add sugar, baking soda, salt and vegetable oil, stir, pour a little milk and mix thoroughly with a mixer, sift through a sieve the flour and begin gently in 1 tbsp. spoon to pour it into the mixture.

As our “lace” will be poured through a narrow tube, you should try to make the dough without lumps … why do batch originally thick, then slowly pour the milk into it and mix thoroughly, bringing to the desired consistency (preferably with a mixer). The dough should have a little thinner than usual, to freely poured out “nozzle.”


Now the most interesting – draw test patterns in a skillet. Just turn over the bottle and gently pressing down on it, pour a thin striped test.

Pour the batter into the pan should be fast enough so they do not have time to burn. “Nose”, it is desirable not to touch the surface of the pan, because nose quickly “sealed”, and the dough will flow slowly.

How to make a lacy valentine

Fry the pancake on one side, picks up his spatula and gently turn over, so as not to break the pattern.

It can be a love inscription … I love you and love …

* It must be remembered that the inscriptions made in mirror image …

How to make a lacy valentine

You can fill the heart patterns …

* It is important that the patterns were “closed”, ie We had a common ground, to rollover pattern is not deformed.

How to make a lacy valentine 8 (5)

Serve pancakes to the table with jam, condensed milk, honey. you can sprinkle the finished pancakes with powdered sugar, if desired.

I’m sure your favorite people will be happy to enjoy such lacy “valentines” prepared especially for them on this wonderful day!

Bon Appetit!

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