How to cook the beets

How to cook the beets

When it comes to sugar beet, there a clear division into two camps: the most ardent supporters of the root and its opponents. In this menu the last vegetable crop gets extremely rare, if not absent. Dislike for this product is usually associated with persistent associations with beetroot salad horrible, memories which haunt us since childhood. But beets can be very tasty, of course, if it is correct to cook. It’s time to take note of the basic rules of cooking beet and vegetable give it a second chance.



In the beet contains betanin (red pigments) or betaksantiny (yellow pigments). It is their content determines the color of the root crop. Red more resistant to thermal stresses and are only partially destroyed, whereas the yellow – completely. In raw or cooked beets stains almost everything that comes in contact, so the gloves are not redundant. Wooden boards easier to absorb moisture and odors of products, for this reason, they are recommended to cover with several layers of parchment paper. On the possibility of the wood from the cutting board is better to refuse at all, replacing it when working with beets on a plastic, which is much easier to clean up.



No matter what you intend to do with beets – boiled or baked – not worth wasting time on a thorough cleaning of root crops. Beetroot is much easier to clean when it is already prepared: skin moves almost effortlessly and you can remove it without cutting. Peel beets gives a bitter taste, and spend time on the raw beets cleaning makes sense only in one case – when you plan to eat it raw, or if you add it to the soup.



Beet greens contain vitamins B1, B2, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iodine, despite the fact of it produced some very interesting dishes. Dispose of it just in a bucket would be formless crime. Instead, try to fry it, put out by adding the composition of the various dishes, or break into pieces and to put on a salad. In Georgia, for example, from the tops of beets make Pkhali dish: finely cut leaves, blanched and seasoned walnut sauce, hot pepper, garlic, cilantro, onion, hops-suneli, salt and vinegar. To tops kept longer, it must be cut off from the roots and wrap loosely in damp paper towel.



Beet inherent earthy, sometimes bitter taste privkus.Odnako it can easily be adjusted. Root crop revealed very different paired with bright, sweet and fresh aromas. When cooking beets in water is necessary to add a little salt, as if cooked pasta, or about a quarter of a glass of red wine vinegar. In the case of a hot taste can be changed after the heat treatment. You can add spices or pickle beets with citrus zest, garlic, onions, shallots, vinegar and plenty of salt.

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