How to cook grilled chicken

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How to cook grilled chicken

You can cook on the grill is not only a whole chicken, but the chicken wings, legs, thighs, breasts and other parts of this wonderful bird. Generally, there is no other product which would be so perfect for grilling. Chicken on the grill – not only an ideal choice for the preparation of individual, but rather running goods, which are sold in stores and public catering. But if special ovens with automatic skewers used for cooking on a commercial scale, it is the case with a conventional grill, a bit more complicated. Today we tell about how to properly fry the chicken on the grill and get the most succulent and delicious pieces.

Oil lattice
Always lubricate your grill with oil before roasting chicken on it (and not only). This will give you a whole chicken, which pieces do not remain stuck to the grill. For lubrication, use a paper towel that you can crumple and using forceps fluff oil grate.


Pre-marinated chicken is much better feel on the grill than the one which has not touched the fragrant brine. Here it is working normally high humidity, on the basis of which products are more saturated with moisture, turn on the grill juicy and delicious.


Keep an eye on the size of
Razdelyvaya chicken into pieces, think about how you will cook it. Small pieces will be enough just a few minutes on the grill, while the carcass or HALF need for several tens of minutes of roasting with constant tumbling.


More space
Resist the temptation to put on the grill once the whole chicken that you have. The more space around the piece, the more uniform will prozharka. And you can use tongs to from time to time to press the piece to the grid.


Sauce at the end
If your cooking technique involves the use of sauce, water the chunks just before cooking. This will prevent ignition of sugar that is commonly found in most sauces.


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  1. What delicious looking food, can’t wait to try these tips out, thank you for sharing!

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