How to combine food and beverages?

— Red dry and semi-dry wines suited to dishes of poultry and game; a kebab, pilaf and other hot meat dishes; to steaks, fillets, cutlets, chops; to roast beef, lamb, pork, veal.

— Young red wines with low tannin content comes to fish with dense structure: salmon, tuna.

— Port, Madeira, sherry suited to poultry and game; Port wine is very nice combined with chocolate cake.

— White dry and semi-dry wines are suitable for hot fish dishes with sauces (but not with red wine); oysters, mussels, shrimp (semi-dry without sharp acidity); to vegetable dishes (boiled cauliflower, beans, asparagus); to stuffed vegetables and mushroom dishes.

— Semi-sweet white wines suited to dishes of poultry; the dishes of cauliflower, green peas; to baked and stuffed with vegetables; to dishes from mushrooms; cheeses.

— Sparkling white wine suited to dishes of salmon; salads with shrimp.

— Champagne is dry and semi-dry suits to poultry and game and dishes from them; moderately spicy meat dishes; oysters, mussels and shrimp (semi-dry); cheeses; salads with crabs or lobsters; salads with poultry; for sweet baking nut (semi-dry).

— Sweet varieties of champagne are suitable for fruit, ice cream, cream, mild cheese, almonds, pistachios and other nuts, chocolate and confectionery products.

— Cognac suited to cold fish appetizers (salmon, salmon, salmon, black caviar, sprats, sardines), served as a dessert while it blends well with lemon, coffee, tea and fruit.

— Vodka marinated salmon suitable for; a snack of herring and snacks with red caviar; the hot fish dishes with delicious sauces.

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