How to care for lips in the winter?

Lips age with 25 years: pale red border, appear fine wrinkles, the skin becomes thinner.
In order to slow down this process, it is necessary to maintain normal blood circulation and be sure to protect lips from UV rays: they are very susceptible to photoaging. By the way, can be seen on the lips, and health. If they are constantly cracked and sore, see your doctor — this may be a symptom of allergies, dermatitis or a lack of vitamins of group B. If the lips are dry and darken, indicating dehydration.

There are a few important points lip care in winter:

— Always use hygienic lipstick with SPF, especially in winter;

— Do not overuse lip gloss: it contains a lot of wax, which instantly freezes in the cold and dry mouth;

— Do not massage the lips with a toothbrush as advised many magazines, it is too rough;

— Add to the diet of pumpkin, fig and avocado — lips like tissue;

— Quit smoking! Tobacco stains and dry lips.

And do not forget that lips need almost the same program daily care like face, and the most natural cosmetics. Here are some great recipes. How to care for lips
1. Every day, wipe the lips slightly chilled sachet
Green tea: it restores the water balance and improve blood circulation.

2. The lips must be thoroughly cleaned of makeup. Use a cotton ball slightly moistened with olive oil: it perfectly dissolves lipstick without damaging delicate skin.

3. Every day, do gentle exfoliation: massage lips crushed rose petals (take dry) or oat flour, mixed with yogurt (1: 1).

4. Honey — a proven lip scrub, but if you have allergies, try another recipe: grind in a coffee grinder or mortar and a tablespoon of sugar, olive oil and rose water. This mixture should be gently massaged mouth two or three times a week.

5. Once a week, make a light acid peels: wipe the lips or a slice of tomato pulp of grapes. But citrus fruits for this purpose should not be used — they peresushat delicate skin.

6. Olive oil, which is often recommended to be used to power the lips, works well, but poorly absorbed. Replace it with macadamia oil, shea or grape seeds: they are perfectly moisturize, leaving no sticky feeling.

7. If you need a short-term effect «lips-as-y-Angelina», use this recipe: Mix a teaspoon of crushed fennel, grape seed oil, cucumber oil and 2-3 drops of essential oil of fennel. Massage your lips with this mixture for two to three minutes, leave for five minutes, then rinse with cool water. Will look like after the injection of filler.

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