How quickly defrost food.

For the cooking of meat, fish or poultry, we often use the products that need to quickly unfreeze previously. We tell how this is best done.
Say at once defrosted foods – meat, fish, poultry and beef – preferably slowly, for 8-12 hours. Since the product does not lose its nutritional qualities, will retain its structure will remain juicy and tasty.

To do this, move the food at night from the freezer to the refrigerator. If the morning the product still has not reached the desired condition, it is possible to take in water at room temperature for 10-15 minutes. After thawing keep it in the refrigerator for two days.

In the long process of thawing do not have time? In this case as quickly as possible to prepare the meat, fish or poultry for the subsequent heat treatment will help household appliances, which has a defrost function.

Fast defrost food in the microwave
Estimated time: 10-30 minutes

Before you turn on a special regime and put the meat, poultry or fish in the microwave, put them in bulk in a sealed container. defrosting time will depend on the power of the device and the weight of the product. To thaw piece weighing 200 grams will need about 10 minutes, about one kilogram weight – at least an hour. It must be from time to time – the best every 3-4 minutes – to turn, otherwise it will defrost evenly. It is necessary to take into account the temperature of the freezer. If the product lay at minus 23-24 ° C, during his stay in the furnace must be increased. Otherwise the inside can remain ice. On thawing minced require 5-10 minutes less. If you spend defrosting in the microwave properly, you can spoil the flavor and juiciness of the future of food.

Fast defrost food in multivarka
Estimated time: 8-15 minutes

Use the cooking mode for a couple. After unpacking, place a piece of meat, fish or poultry in a double boiler, set the desired mode and turn on for a few minutes. Current time again depends on the weight of the product. When the product is almost melted, it can be raised above the shelf and leave for another few minutes. It will become softer. Defrosting with steam – one of the best. This method makes it possible to retain maximum nutritional value and taste of the products.

Fast defrost food in the oven
Estimated time: 10-15 minutes

But it should be done very carefully. There is a risk that the top layer of the product pripechet until crisp. At the same time it will remain moist inside. To avoid this, thaw frozen meat, poultry or fish at a temperature no higher than 30 ° C. Modern ovens, by the way, have a special defrost function similar to the microwaves.

If a special household appliances in the kitchen are not available, you have to defrost meat – in the water.

Fast defrost food in a water bath
Estimated time: 20-60 minutes

Water bath for best use cold water. In this case the product is thawed without the risk of its contamination by bacteria. For this reason, it is desirable to place a piece of defrosting a plastic bag to prevent contact with water and to preserve flavor and nutritional properties. Melt the liquid from the package from time to time drain. A water change regularly, so the temperature did not drop very much. Most often this should be done in the first few minutes, when the product gets into the water straight from the freezer. The disadvantage of this method of defrosting is that the inner layer may remain slightly frozen.

An indication that a product has been defrosted properly, is a significant loss of juice, which leave the nutrients and the taste too. Ready for further processing of meat, fish, poultry should be evenly colored, soft, pliable, without seals.


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