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10 savory for true gourmets.

In the kitchen of any country can find a dish that makes instantly shed a tear on the amount of spices and pepper. We chose ten savory dishes that can only withstand extreme stomach gourmet.

The rankings take into account not only the degree of acuity, but also a combination of ingredients, affecting the overall taste of the dish. Therefore, we are not saying that you can not find something witty, but ensure that any dish from this list will give you a unique gastronomic experience. Dishes on the list are arranged in accordance with the increase in degree of severity.

Tom yam – Thailand


Tom Yum – Thai sweet and sour and spicy soup. The taste and aroma of this dish rarely leave anyone indifferent. As in most Thai dishes, as a basis for soup, Tom Yam is a chicken (Tom yam kai) or fish (Tom yam pla). The sharpness and acidity give the dish its immutable ingredients – chili, lime juice and leaves. In Bangkok, Tom Yam is traditionally served with a portion of white rice, which makes hearty and helps calm the stomach after such a “hot” dishes.
Shrimp Creole – US


Shrimp Creole – probably one of the most classic and delicious Creole cuisine. The taste is really unusual dishes: shrimp become rich creamy taste, which is set off by garlic and hot sauce, and blooms in a tomato-vegetable bouquet. Despite the fact that the dishes sharpness can vary based on personal preferences, garnish to it is better to choose neutral – vegetables or boiled rice.
Potatoes uankayski – Peru


This dish is a traditional and probably the most famous example of Peruvian cuisine. And it’s a great way to cook potatoes. Potatoes uankayski – a salad of boiled potatoes, bathed in a spicy creamy cheese sauce. In the classic version is served on lettuce with boiled eggs and olives. The composition of the special sauce for this dish include milk, yellow bell pepper, fresh cheese, lemon juice, onion, garlic and red chili pepper.
Salad of daikon and Sichuan pepper – China


Salads are rarely sharp, but it is a dish Sichuan dishes can be considered a happy exception to the rule. At the same time a sharp, spicy taste and crisp salad complemented chilli. The dish is the perfect accompaniment to any grilled main dish.
Bibimbap and kimchi – South Korea


Kimchi – the most popular and basic dish Korean dishes, without which does not do any one meal. Usually, we mean kimchi Chinese cabbage, pickled garlic, red pepper, onion or onion juice, garlic and ginger. Kimchi is often served with other basic national dish called bibimbap. The dish consists of boiled white rice, coated with vegetable salad, hot pepper paste, raw eggs or scrambled eggs and thinly sliced pieces of meat.
Suicide chicken wings – US


The literal translation of the name of this dish (chicken wings suicidal) speaks for itself. This version of the recipe wings is the greatest in the world. A mixture of Tabasco sauce, finely chopped chili pepper and hot pepper guaranteed prozhgut hole in your stomach. Cold beer will not help neutralize sharpness, these wings is sure to enjoy a generous helping of sour cream sauce or blue cheese.
Chicken Jerk Sauce – Caribbean


Spicy chicken marinated in a sauce Jerk – the national dish of Jamaica. The highlight of this dish is a special recipe for the marinade – Jerk-sauce. It consists of hot red pepper, ginger, dark rum, soy sauce, white vinegar, black pepper and allspice and lime juice. The ideal garnish for this dish will be cooked white rice and spicy chicken washed down with cool recommend Jamaican ginger beer.
Watt – Ethiopia


Ethiopians prefer to cook different kinds of hot under the title “Watt”. Serve them accepted by burning “chow Berber” sauce. “Watt” can be made from any kind of meat – chicken, beef and even fish.
Vindaloo – India


Vindaloo – a popular Indian dish, which is considered the most critical of all the curries. Vindaloo recipe classical believes that the following essential components: pork, vinegar and garlic, plus a mixture of hot spices (garam masala and / or curry), but there are many variations, including replacement of pork in other types of meat (or even several).
Sambal ulek – Indonesia


The winner of our little ranking – sambal paste ulek, the most famous variety of Indonesian and Malay pepper paste, used to give dishes spicy and tangy taste and as a substitute for chili. Sambal-ulek made from fiery red pepper, salt, vinegar and brown sugar.

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