Hot snack baguette

Hot snack baguette.

– 1pc Baguette.
– Hams and sausages 200-300 gr.
– Smoked sausage. 200-300 gr.
– Egg 1 pc.
– Tomato 1 piece.
– 1 cucumber pieces.
– 150-200 g of cheese.
– Mayonnaise or sour cream
-salt pepper

1 baguette cut crosswise into 3-4 chasti.Kazhduyu part cut lengthwise into two halves.
2. Carefully remove the crumb of baguette halves, leaving a wall thickness of 1 sm.Prigotovit stuffing.
3. ham, sausage, cucumber, tomato cut into cubes.
4. All peremeshat.Dobavit egg (probably not need all the egg – mass should not become liquid.
5. Put a little mayonnaise to mass became vyazkoy.Napolnit this stuffed baguettes, sprinkle with cheese.
6. Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 180 g.

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