Honey with lemon Easter dates


1.5 kg of 18% fat cheese and more
1.5-2 cups of thick honey
200-250 g of butter
6-8 egg yolks
100 g of roasted almonds
150-200 g of natural dried figs
2 large lemon
3 tbsp. l. dark rum or strong black tea, optional

Cover the colander folded in several layers of cheesecloth. Put to cottage cheese, cover with overhanging edges of the cheesecloth, place the colander in a larger container. On top of the cheesecloth set a plate on it – a weight of 2-3 kg. Leave for at least 4 hours to glass excess fluid.

At the same time prepare the figs: if they have the skin flaking, remove it. Cut the figs into small pieces.

Wash lemons brushing, remove the zest of a small grater, squeeze the juice. Fill the figs with lemon juice mixed with rum, if using, or tea. Sprinkle the zest, mix well, tighten the film and put in the fridge for the same time, it is under the pressure of cottage cheese.

Soften butter at room temperature.Esli honey is very thick, a bit warm it in a water bath – just to become fluid.

Chop the almonds of the rather shallow part – bigger. Pressed curd rub through a sieve. Mixer whisk butter with honey in a lush lather. Gradually mix in the cheese. Add the cottage cheese with figs and almond peel.

Cover the pasochnitsu or deep bowl with one layer of cheesecloth, place cottage cheese, flattening spoon. Close the bottom of the Passover and put in the fridge for 1-3 days. Before serving, invert onto a plate and carefully remove pasochnitsu and gauze.

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