Homemade cookies.

I suggest baking cookies with children (because it’s fun!), Playing snowballs, the new travel plan, arguing about routes and find unexpected solutions. Re-read favorite books and revise good old movies that you already know by heart, and this is doubly nice.

Prepare a hot milk with spices, biscuits prescription below and decide for yourself that 2016 will be an excellent first. As you say — and it will come true!

200 g butter
250 g flour
100 g of sugar
2 eggs
a pinch of salt
Strawberry jam
powdered sugar for sprinkling

Cooking method:  
Cold butter cut into cubes. Mix flour, sugar and salt, chopped into chips (this can be done in a blender or a stationary mixer).

Add the egg and continue kneading. When the dough starts to gather in large lumps, stop the mixer and the dough wrapped in foil. Hide in the fridge for about a minute.

Roll out the dough on a floured surface. Cut circles. Put the cookies on the laid parchment baking. Bake at 170 degrees for about 12 minutes. Put the cookies on the grill, allow to cool.

Tea Spoon half of all biscuit strawberry jam. Cover with half free.

If desired sprinkle with powdered sugar.

On the second day it becomes more delicious cookies;)

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