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Duck breast with pumpkin and pineapple.

Ingredients Duck breast — 1 pc. Pumpkin — 100 g Butter — 30 g Honey — 1 tbsp Cinnamon — 1 pc. Star anise — 2 pcs. Pineapple — 4 lengthwise. Sugar — 1 tbsp Salt — to taste Pepper — to taste Cooking method 1.Pumpkin cut into cubes. 2.Boil half a liter of water, […]

Nikuman — Japanese steamed buns.

Nikuman — steamed buns (cake), Japanese cuisine. Nikuman name is also known as the Kansai region Butaman. Nikumany originally come originally from China. However, over time, the dish became popular and spread throughout Japan. In winter hot, steaming nikumany sold from stalls on the streets and in the shops. For this recipe you can use […]

Rabbit in a pumpkin

Rabbit in a pumpkin.

Garnish honey pumpkin.

Come up with a quick and tasty, and what’s more vibrant and healthy side dish — a difficult task. But in the autumn season, when any counter you can see the pumpkin, it just solved. We offer to cook pumpkin simple side dish that is perfect for fish and meat dishes. However, it can serve […]

Grilled pumpkin

Grilled pumpkin.