Greek hot appetizer “Buyurdi”

Greek hot appetizer “Buyurdi”

Buyurdi – one of the most popular Greek snacks, which can be found in almost any tavern throughout Greece. Originally, this dish came from Constantinople (Istanbul), the Turkish origin and indicates clearly the Greek name.
Those who once tried buyurdi recognized that this hot appetizer is so captivated them that they can not wait to return to Greece to once again taste the melted feta dip with tomatoes and slice of fresh Greek bread in a spicy sauce.
Buyurdi is not difficult to make at home. Of course, if you are lucky enough to buy this Greek feta, the taste will be as close as possible to that which is so fond of the Greeks.
Buyurdi usually cooked in small clay form, but the taste of this dish can hardly mess up, if we use glass or other refractory container. The recipes in the tavern each slightly different, but still very, very tasty!

Greek hot appetizer "Buyurdi"

100 g of Feta cheese. If you do not find this feta, use is not very salty cheese, in extreme cases Fetaki, but we must take into account the Russian popular in supermarkets, it is a completely different product, very different from the feta.
2-3 ripe tomatoes, chopped slices
1 small pepper paprika
1 large tomato (2 medium)
1 small chili pepper
olive oil
for feeding – bread

1. At the bottom of the mold to pour a little olive oil.

2. Top tightly packed chopped tomato slices. Fet cut into slices, put on top of the tomatoes, then optionally put chili pepper, pour a little olive oil, sprinkle with chopped herbs. You can add freshly ground black pepper, it perfectly emphasizes the taste of tomatoes.

3. Form put in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes. First, the form can be closed with a lid or foil – so vegetables will provide more delicious juice. Then remove the lid and just dopekat.

4. If not blushed feta on top, then put under the form of a grill for a few minutes, or just sprinkle a little grated cheese on top and increase the temperature of the oven, the cheese browned.


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