Grassy, ​​floral and berry teas – when they drink and how are they useful?

Grassy, ​​floral and berry teas – when they drink and how are they useful?

It recommended for flu, stomach cramps, kidney diseases, as a diuretic, anemia, insomnia, migraine, rheumatic pain. Also drink as “male” tea.

Gang bang
Heart tea. Marked influence of antithrombotic and antimicrobial action (the flu, colds, inflammation).

Storehouse of antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins (C, K) and minerals, strengthens the immune system. If you want to drink red wine, but you can not drink alcohol, drink the infusion of rose hips. In addition, it helps fight diarrhea.

Tea cough (with honey), liver, from women’s pain. It is recommended for patients with diabetes instead of the usual tea (without sweetening).

Improves mood; antiviral tea, strengthens the immune system. This tea is very rapidly loses flavor after brewing cold tea from rose buds can no longer drink.

Lemon Mint
Tea is soothing and helps with digestive problems caused by breakdown. It relieves stress and improves sleep, relieves pain, improves concentration.

Fennel (rhizomes, seeds)
Tea-digestif, improve digestion, relieving bloating – for this purpose it is given even to infants. Also it helps with coughs, colds, otitis.

Strawberry leaves
Purifies the blood, helps krovetvoreniiyu, soothing tonic. This aromatic tea can be added and dried berries.

1 teaspoon herbs yarrow boil with 1 cup boiling water for 5-10 minutes and drink (half a cup) gastritis. For pains in the stomach also brewed mixture of chamomile and yarrow.

This tea helps the liver to cope with the load, especially if you drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs. It relieves constipation, improves digestibility of nutrients from food.

Relaxing tea, relieving anxiety and pressure reduction. It is recommended for the relief of pain in migraine. Two cups of tea with lime linden honey a day can help prevent colds. But we should not repeat the procedure on a daily basis: the diaphoretic tea – a serious burden for the heart.

Calms the nervous system, breathing levels, gives a healthy sleep, invigorates hypotensive. Tea from migraine and detoxification.

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