Goose with fragrant bread and dried fruit


— 150 grams of dried fruit (optional)
— 50 grams of candied fruits,
— Three spoons (tablespoons) orange liqueur (can be replaced by a different choice)
— 250 g flour
— 50 grams of sugar,
— 21 grams of yeast
— 120 ml milk (warm)
— One egg,
— 50 grams of softened butter,
— One goose (weighing about four kilograms)
— salt,
— One spoon (dining room) of dried wormwood,
— 200 ml of red wine.


1. Dried fruits and candied fruit cut into small pieces and mix them with selected liqueur.
2. Knead the dough from flour, sugar, yeast, milk, eggs and oil.
4. Give zameshennomu test approach for one hour, and then mix with dried fruits.
5. Heat oven to 140 degrees.
6. Take the goose peeled and washed, to fill his belly cooked dough, and sew up the hole with the help of culinary thread.
7. Prepared poultry rub with salt and dried wormwood, then put the goose in the form of refractory breast side down.
8. «packaged» goose pour 100 ml of water and put in the oven to bake. Cooking time — three hours.
Culinary advice: during roasting goose in the oven, it must be periodically watered juice formed.
9. At the end of the baking time, from the baking dish to remove the fat, pour the wine and bake everything for two additional hours.

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