Ginger tea.

Ginger tea. 

Tea, which melted all kilos.
Take the time, the result will not make you wait.

1.5 l. boiling water
2 tbsp. l. coarsely chopped fresh ginger
1 dess. spoonful of green tea leaf
2 tbsp. l. juice of fresh lemon
1 dess. l. fresh honey

Mint at will, but that it softens the sharpness of ginger
1. Ginger chopped coarsely
2. thermos combine all ingredients and pour boiling water, seal the flask and mix. Leave to infuse for 30 minutes. and you can drink!

Recommend 1.5 liters. tea to drink throughout the day, although you can replace the morning coffee. It is not advisable to drink this tea before bedtime, because ginger has toning properties and green chasy diuretic)))

Kilograms unintentional escape, vitamin deficiency decreases immunity and increases feeling great all day!
Good luck and good tea!

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