Ginger helps to quit smoking

Smoking just need this product, and it is not only in its edibility. Vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, a large number of essential oils in ginger help to leave addiction.

* The ginger contains organic compounds that significantly reduce the amount of lipids in the blood, thus preventing the development of atherosclerosis – the main enemy of smokers. Add to this the fact that ginger thins the blood.

* Ginger – excellent expectorant. When painful, fighting throat “smoker’s cough” there is nothing better than to chew a piece of ginger with honey or make a couple of sips of ginger tea – you will be free from halitosis.

Scientists have shown that ginger inhibits the growth of tumor cells. Ginger slows down the aging process, improves the condition of the skin, removes toxins and wastes.

* Every time overcomes the desire to smoke, put into the mouth piece of ginger – is far superior to the effect of tobacco control candies and chewing gums. Sucking or razzhёvyvaya ginger, you feel its unforgettable taste and the burning desire to put a cigarette in his mouth disappears.

* During the period of “tying” you will drink, which is based on ginger. Prepare it simple: chopped ginger root to be mixed with the juice of one lemon and pour the boiled water. To taste add honey.


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