German recipe Stolle.

German recipe Stolle.

The ancient recipe Stolle can only ask indigenous people in Germany. They can offer a variety of delicious recipes of German cuisine. But it Stollen will be a special gift for friends and relatives. There are more than a dozen recipes of flavored cake, but if you want to enjoy real German pudding, try the classic recipe from pastry.

Although the list of foods to cook it is a pleasure. The result will please only if full compliance with the technology of cooking.

You will need:
Flour – 1.300 gr.
Sugar – 150 gr.
Butter – 200 gr.
Yeast – 50g.
Milk – 400 g.
Yolks – 4 pcs.
Lemon or orange peel, vanilla and salt – to taste.
For filling:
Raisins – 400 gr.
Chopped almonds – 100 gr.
Candied fruits – 200 g.
Rum or brandy – 150 ml.
Powdered sugar for decoration.

Cooking method:   
Candied fruits and raisins, pour rum or brandy and leave for a couple of hours.

To prepare the dough make the brew. In the warm milk and add yeast breed 4st. spoons of sugar. After a few minutes, when the yeast will start to ferment, add carefully vymeshivaya half of the flour, sifted better. Put the bowl in a warm place for half an hour, pre-wrapped with a towel. Softened butter, mix with egg yolks, sugar, salt, lemon or orange zest. All these add to the brew, stirring occasionally. Portions Pour the remaining flour and knead the dough. Give some time to come. Again knead, adding the chopped almonds, raisins and candied fruit. Cover with towel and leave in a warm place to come twice. Once again we knead and divide into two parts.

Classic recipe Stolle has long symbolized zapelennovanogo baby, so every part of the sculpt triangles and lightly wrap the edges of the long side and rounded. Stoll put on a greased baking sheet and give it some time to come.

We warm up the oven to 180 degrees and to send our cake. To avoid overcooking, we can cover our baking foil. Approximate cooking time 1:00 20min. Stoll should be well propechsya.

When the cake is ready, take out, lubricating oil, sprinkle with powdered sugar and give harden after wrap in foil and a towel.

Traditionally, Christmas Stollen is preparing for two weeks before the holiday. Hostess store it in a cool place until it is fed with the scent of almonds and candied fruits.

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