German pancakes

German pancakes.

German pancakes, extremely tasty, eaten immediately, but they are no less cold delicious!


-Moloko – 1 cup
-Yaytsa – 5 pcs
-Muka – 1 cup
-hydrochloric – 1/3 tsp
-Sahar – 1 tsp
-Vanil – 1 tsp
-Rastoplennoe Butter – 1/4 cup
-nachinka of your choice (jam, jam, fruit …), but without toppings are delicious


Mix in blender all ingredients except the oil.
Then add butter and stir again all.
Grease a muffin form and fill it with the dough.
Bake pancakes for about 20 minutes at 200 degrees.
In the baking process, they are inflated like balloons. Finished pancakes should be careful to get out of shape, after leaving them to stand in the oven so that they are not settled.

герм блинч

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